High quality animated videos to give a new extent to the learning.
Interactive Activities
Our activities will challenge and develop
your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.
Audio based text to help the learners to process and retain the information better.

A Few Words About Genius Gems Books

Educational books play a vital role in children's education and build the foundation of productive learning. So, it is the duty of the educators of our nation, to be very conscious while choosing academic books for our young learners.

Taking into account the educational needs of children and their environment, we are delighted to launch our new series Genius Gems. It is designed to teach how to think critically and solve problems, to be creative and inter-disciplinary, and to innovate and adapt, absorbing new material in new and changing areas. We have assimilated assessment into the text to allow students to experience it as a living and inter-connected aspect of assessment relevant to everyday life, also in line with the latest National Education Policy (NEP) and National Curriculum Framework (NCF) guidelines.

Some of the remarkable features of our series are:

  • 1. It is written and edited by subject matter experts under the guidance of experienced authors.
  • Text rich in colour, aesthetically alive and linguistically interesting.
  • Simple and direct pedagogical approach.
  • Evolved in a psychological order i.e., according to the mental growth and interest of the child.

Our Digital Platform provides the following services

Live Teacher's Recording

High quality live teacher's recorded videos to give a new extent to the learning.

Chapter wise Animations

High quality animated videos to give a new extent to the learning.

Practice Worksheets

Worksheets provide a sound base for self assessment and help the students in practicing more.

Lesson Plan

Lesson plans help the teachers and learners to have a quick overview of the syllabus.

Teacher's Manual

Teacher's Manuals provide pedagogical guidance in teaching.

Test Paper Generator

Test paper generator is a digital resource with large treasure of questions for various programs, classes and chapter. It provides everything a teachers needs to create and manage the tests, quizzes, and exam papers in printed format.